How to Become a TikTok Expert?

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Many of you will already be experts in making music videos within the app, but others, myself included, we have not started to know about it until a few months ago. TikTok is one of those applications that, thanks to the pandemic, has experienced a great leap towards stardom.

download tiktok videos

Being simplistic, it is a social network based on sharing short music clips. In October, it was established as the surprise of the year, since it exceeded the number of downloads to Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Today, the data is even more striking, because, in confinement, TikTok has positioned itself above Instagram as a reference social network. After knowing the news, many have affirmed that we are in the TikTok era.

What Can Be Done With TikTok?

Of everything. The app allows you to create, edit and upload 1-minute music video selfies. To which you can apply special effects and filters. In addition, it offers the possibility of sending messages and voting and, of course, a system of followers and followers.

TikTok is simple, especially for Generation Z, and is committed to creating an entertainment community beyond posturing. The most important thing in this app is that you squeeze your creativity and have a good time, no matter how old you are.

Tricks to become an expert

  • Enjoy an infinity of effects and filters. Perhaps this is one of the biggest attractions of the app and to discover them you just have to press the ‘effects’ button, which is to the left of the recording button.
  • Duets with other users. As long as they have the option enabled, you can record a video divided into 2, in which we have the original video on one side and ours on the other. It will not be necessary to be in the same place or in the same space of time.
  • Activate hands-free when recording. In TikTok you don’t have to press the record button, you can simply configure the recording to be automatic for the seconds you want.

Record in fast or slow motion. TikTok allows you to record up to 5 different speeds, which you can alternate in the same video.

See only the content you like. The content is infinite and we don’t have to see everything. A very simple trick to customize the feed to your liking is that if you see a video that you do not like, keep it pressed and click on the button “I am not interested”. And to that, we can add the “Likes” of the videos that you do want to continue watching, so the combination will result in an app tailored for you.