How to Customize Your Keypad Lock screen

Lock screen

Those who have an Android device usually look for ways to give it a new look so that the monotony does not come when using the smartphone or tablet. One of the possibilities is to change the terminal lock screen with applications such as Keypad Lock.

Lock screen

This development has several things that make it attractive if the objective is the aforementioned. For example. You can from establishing a personalized PIN to proceed to the unlocking and even include different images that can be used. Simplicity is one of the predominant notes of Keypad Lock but, yes, it is important to indicate that it is not translated. This is a minor flaw, as there is not a lot of text, but for some, it may be an additional barrier that is not positive at all.

Customize Your Keypad Lock screen

The Keypad Lock interface is quite simple and therefore simple. There are six circular buttons in the central area that give access to the different sections that exist in the development. The first is the one that allows access to the background change, where it is possible to find your own images that are included in the development or, failing that, it is possible to choose between those that are in the gallery (such as a photo that you like from the last place you were on vacation).

Apart from this, also in Keypad Lock, there are more adjustment possibilities that are interesting, for example, that a sound is reproduced when unlocking the phone or tablet and, even, manage if the vibration is present. And, all this is done with great comfort and simplicity, which speaks highly of the work we are talking about. By the way, if you are wondering by location and resolution of the images, this fits even with devices that have QHD quality panels.

Before commenting on other possibilities of the application, it is important to indicate that the compatibility offered by the work is very wide since in models with 2 GB of RAM and a quad-core processor the operation is perfect. In addition, the Android version is not a problem either, since having the 4 .0 or later (which practically meets 100% of the terminals on the market) does not have malfunctions. The good news in this section, the truth.